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Desktop Timer clocks the time spent at the computer without getting in the way
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When it comes to timing the efficiency of their employees, many employers may find it helpful to use a timer that will record the amount of time spent on a given task. At this point, many of them might find a problem with the majority of timers being unnecessarily bulky and in every way annoying.

Desktop Timer combats this problem by operating out of your system tray. You just need to double-click on the icon provided to make a new timer start. The active timer will show up as a green-colored clock next to the Desktop Timer icon. When you start a timer, you can label it and enter a few log notes to denote what the timer is for. Unfortunately, no more than one timer can be running at once.

The Desktop timer manager is a window that allows you to manage your timer, view your log, and adjust your preferences. It is accessed by right-clicking on the Desktop Timer icon. Preferences can be changed to fit your needs and streamline your experience. The log is a workspace to which you can add or from which you can remove the timers that you wish to see. The results can then be viewed in either table or chart format, and exported as HTML or CSV files. You may then have a log of all of the timers, so that you can have an accurate picture of where time has been spent that will help you improve your employees' efficiency.

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  • The desktop timer works out of your system tray, so it is never in the way of your work
  • There are a lot of preferences and options that can be changed
  • You can export your timings as an HTML or CSV file


  • You cannot have multiple timers going at once
  • The manager window is hard to find, unless you know that you must right-click on the Desktop timer icon
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